Time Lapse Workshop Northern California

  Join me for a two-day, in depth course on the fundamentals of time lapse photography.  Whether you are somewhat new to photography, an experienced photographer or a videographer looking to add a whole new skill-set to your repertoire, this is a perfect, hands-on way to get out and learn quickly by doing. Take your photography and video skills to the next level and be ready to plan, shoot and edit your own time lapse videos at the end of the workshop.


Spend the morning going over the basics of time lapse photography learning the correct camera settings for specific situations.  I will share the techniques that I use to plan out time lapse shoots using Google Earth and various apps on my phone that will help find locations, angles and best time of day to shoot.

After a lunch break, We head into the field to shoot our time lapse shots with hands on assistance every step of the way.

We will spend the next day, going over how to edit and export your time lapse videos using LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom and either After Effects or Quicktime Media Player.


  • Camera - DSLR or Mirrorless

  • Intervolometer (cheaper models by Neewer and other companies do a great job)

  • Lens (wide angle, 24mm or less preferred)

  • Tripod

  • Memory Cards - 2 or more 32 GB or larger cards recommended.

  • Extra camera batteries

  • Laptop computer

  • 1TB or larger external hard drive


  • Neutral density and graduated ND filters

  • If you already own any motion control equipment, bring it along!

  • LRTimelapse software (free demo available here)

  • Adobe Lightroom software

  • Google Earth app

  • SunSeeker app



Dan is a cinematographer and producer specializing in shooting documentaries, commercials and time lapse.  He has shot content all over the world and his work has appeared on Hulu, NBA TV, CBS, Discovery Networks, OWN and other major networks. He has also shot content for The NFL, Pepsi, Tide, NASCAR, Nike, The New York Times and many other companies and brands.